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Occasionally, you see the odd person or two poke or test the firmness of fruits in a supermarket. However, in Japan, torturing fruit, nay melons with your knife like finger can result in jail time!

A 68 year old Hokkaido woman was arrested for poking (possibly without consent) through 13 expensive melons with her steel like finger. Aside from emotional and physical damages to these melons, she also racked up a $134 price tag.

Now, don’t be all, that’s nothing, apparently these rare premium melons made headlines in 2019. A pair auctioned for over $45,000! You have gotta be a fruit cake to pay for such an absurd amounts for two melons, right?

So, what was the woman's motivation to poke these innocent melons?

Unfortunately, the police was unable to pin point, however public opinion pointed to “some people just really like the feeling of penetrating fruit”.

Fruits have feelings too and consent should apply.


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