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We are revolutionising your online shopping experience. 

MAICBUY is an AI software facilitating e-commerce between consumers and sellers for more accurate and pre-emptive purchases.


It is as easy as ‘See it. Tap it. Buy it.’

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About Us

We are revolutionising the way consumers and sellers interact in the world.

We are MAICBUY. The go to online shopping platform to help people buy whatever they see anytime, anywhere. We help consumers buy exactly what they are after by providing a streamlined experience with less decision making. AR and realistic on-screen conversions enable users to make an efficient and accurate purchase.


We know time is precious. 


At MAICBUY, we want you to spend less time on what to buy. More time on enjoying your buy. Or, to simply put it, more time on enjoying life.

MAICBUY enables democratisation of e-commerce for marketplace exposure for established and local brands to reach global consumers with accuracy. We help brands and designers reach their global potential on media platforms without the hassles of market access. 

We know market reach is essential.

At MAICBUY, we want you to spend less time on broad branding outreach. More time on your target market. Or, to simply put it, more brand growth and sales.

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Want to collaborate, invest and view our prototype?

Yes, you do! Because, the cofounding team is pitching left right and centre at VCs, angel investors and accelerator programs.


Send us an email at and we'll be in touch!


Sydney, Australia




The Studio Founders, 2021

Blackbird Giants, 2022

_SouthStart sponsored by Atlassian Foundation, 2023

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How the idea came about?


MAICBUY is a subsidiary of CBMP tech arm. The concept was born from The Studio Founders Program 2021.


The founder of CBMP, JJ Chen, relived a story from 2020 when she was live streaming ABC NEWS and saw the anchor in a gorgeous dress of similar body shape. She could not find the anchor's dress online. Or, by contacting ABC News. Or, by contacting the anchor on Twitter. Or, by Google Lens.

Today, that dress is still a mystery.

MAICBUY is revolutionizing the way consumers and sellers interact so anyone can buy exactly what they see by tapping on their device.

It is as easy as 'See it. Tap it. Buy it.'

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