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Updated: Jan 11, 2023

If you have watched Coming to America and sequel with Eddie Murphy, then you must check out our 'Coming to Australia' for international students.

Choose your character and learn about studying, living and working in Australia from fellow International student, Zyri Dela Cruz.

How does it compare?

You be the judge!


Produced by Zyri Dela Cruz and Jason Lin

Zyri Dela Cruz is a Filipino-Australian currently in her final year of studying Biotechnology and Marketing at the University of Technology Sydney. With bilingual skills of speaking Tagalog and English, she has a great appreciation of her own Filipino culture and is continuing to navigate and celebrate this through her experiences in Australia. Beyond her studies and work, she enjoys traveling and broadening her musical skills.

Jason Lin is an Australian student with Chinese-Vietnamese heritage currently studying his 4th year at the University of Technology Sydney with a double degree of a Bachelor of Communications in Media arts and productions and A Bachelor of Arts in International Studies (Japanese). He spends his free time watching movies, hanging out with friends, and playing video games. He also speaks three languages English, Japanese and Chinese (and a tiny bit of Vietnamese).



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