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Updated: Mar 9, 2021

Did you know that in China, the lemon emoji 🍋 indicates jealousy? Whereas in Australia, it well...Just means a lemon?

How about the padlock emoji 🔒 ? It is used when shipping a pairing together!

In the West, the eggplant emoji 🍆 is used in a way that many people in China wouldn’t expect or might use other emojis to express the same meaning. Emojis like 🍌 or 🥒 if you catch my drift 😉

Everybody uses emojis, but they don’t always mean the same things to every person. Both China and Australia have contrasting interpretations for emojis.

Captain Bagrat’s China correspondent, Alson went on the streets of Guangzhou to find out how people living in China interpreted some emojis. In order to see the meanings of emojis for people living on the other side of the world, our team member, Catherine, went out to talk to people living in Sydney.

Check out our video below to see what we found out! Comment below what these emojis mean to you! 🦘🦘🦘


- Emojis have been sourced from OpenMoji and all rights belong to this owner

- They have been shared under the License CC BY-SA 4.0


Australia: Catherine Li is a proud Chinese-Australian currently studying a Journalism and International Studies at the University of Technology Sydney. Being of hybrid Asian background, she has strong interests in Asian culture which she hopes to use to bridge the distance between Asia and Australia.


Instagram @catherine.jyl

China: Alson Cai is an international student from China who is currently in her final year studying Journalism and Public Relations at the University of Technology Sydney. With bilingual skills of Mandarin and English, she also has good understanding of Chinese culture and status quo. Besides interning for Captain Bagrat, she also has published works on SBS Mandarin, Central News, The Junction, and Shantou Daily.


Instagram @lababemua


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