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Just like Bruce Lee, Enter the Dragon. We at CBMP present to you, Enter the Bagrat aka Enter the Kangaroo with our double translation at work.

From the West to East influence. Enter the Bagrat, web series is about the new world, Asia and Australia, presented in a witty and human centric way. No hardcore politics or religious rants, but everything else we should celebrate and embrace - our collective heritage. Representing Asian Australians and anyone with an Asian language or genuine interest in Asia.

Meet host JJ Chen with co and guest hosts, Liam Frappell, Mayu Iwasaki and Dion Woo. Every episode is full of surprise guest hosts and Asian countries! Because, we have our Fingers on the Asian + Australian Pulse!

Tagline: When no one has a clue about Asia and Australian, a panel of cunning linguists saves the day with their Finger on the Asian + Australian Pulse.

CBMP's TV Pilot Show was a top 10 finalist for the 2021 ABC iView Pitch-O-Rama contest.

Captain Bagrat's journey from concept to scripting to production could not have been possible without a generous and talented team of creatives. A big shout out to our earliest believer and sponsor, Bendigo Bank Darling Square Community Branch for giving us seed funding to see this concept come to life!

Pilot length: 22 minutes

Format: Factual Entertainment / Lifestyle

Featured talent include: ​

- JJ Chen, Mayu Iwasaki, and Liam Frappell as panel hosts. Dion Woo, #raconteur and entrepreneur who is eating his way around the world, as guest host.

- Brad Chan, cofounding family of Sydney's Chinatown and CEO of Banna - Property, as exclusive guest.

- George Zhao, famously known from the SBS TV series, The Family Law as guest star. - Shiney Zhang, junior state champion for table tennis as guest challenger.

- Rachel Gong, exclusive interview guest.

- Bridget Devery-Nguyen and Emilie Lauer, aspirational bilingual influencers.

- And, some wonderful characters we met in Chinatown for Voxpop! ​

Production Crew: ​​

Creators: JJ Chen, Mayu Iwasaki

Executive Producer: Helen Vatsikopolous, JJ Chen

Director: Lenny Fung

Interview Director: Solomon Thomas

Producer: JJ Chen, Mayu Iwaski

Creative Producer: Mayu Iwasaki

Scriptwriter: JJ Chen, Mayu Iwasaki, Lauren Montino

Director of Photography: Benjamin Powell

Casting Director: JJ Chen Head of Audio: Sam Sotiris Margaritis

Production Manager: Lauren Montino

Post Production Manager: JJ Chen

Editor: Emma Johnston

Motion Graphics consultant: Landon Maxwell

Motion Graphics specialist: Noah Hope, Kevin Nguyen

Trailer editor: Dion Seis

Camera Operator: Benjamin Powell, Alyssa Montgomery, William Suen

Gaffer: William Suen

Assistant Floor Manager: Almerick Li, Alysia Kwan

Set PA: Albert Choy, Leon Hu

Music: Tash Jamieson, Jeff Deutsch

HMUA Head: Paris Lee

Marketing Assistant: Emilie Lauer, Stephanie Leung

Assistant camera operator: Angela Mao, Bertin Huynh

Assistant Editor: Angela Mao

Assistant Audio: Rayan Virwani

Runner: Sarah Jiang, Jason Lin


Contact: for the full pilot and collaboration.

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