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The multiverse concept is over. It’s dead, sorry everyone. This movie killed it.

It’s all downhill from here.

There can no longer be a multiverse movie or book or TV show made from now on that can't be followed with the statement “but was it as good as everything, everywhere?"

This wholesome, raunchy action comedy delivers one of the most clever examples of visual storytelling of not only this year, but perhaps of all time and in all universes. The cinematography is masterful. The story and characters are well developed. The entire movie is technically flawless (bar one scene).

It is absolutely hilarious while at the same time very heart warming. The movie is constantly switching back and forth over different universes and possibilities that if made by much less experienced filmmakers would be completely incohesive. But this movie defies that while still being so entertaining to the point I didn't want it to end. However, this can make the movie extremely overwhelming. It’s the film equivalent of an acid trip that keeps going on and on, and I can see why some people may not like it because of this.

The absurd child-like nature of the film is very welcoming to the story and tone making for absolutely hilarious slapstick and visual gags. It feels this movie just wants to have fun and embrace the absurdity of life which is a thing that's lacking in many films today. With it being hilarious from googly eyes to hot dog fingers, some jokes did stretch on for a little too long to the point that it felt a bit much.

Acting across the board was exceptional with not a single weak link in the cast. Also, I must give a big shoutout to Michelle Yeoh who easily provides her best performance yet. One slight nitpicky criticism I can give is that the constant switching of languages from Chinese to English made it a bit hard to follow what people were saying, but this is a miniature complaint at most.

With the popularity of this, Parasite, Squid Games and a host of other Asian related films that have come out over the past few years. I think there is a new found embracing of Asian culture and ideas in the mainstream that has found great success among almost all audiences, which is making waves in the acceptance of Asian culture and its people.

Everything, Everywhere All at Once is a technically flawless, funny and captivating rollercoaster ride that locks you in and goes light speed until the very end. Although the year has just begun, this is a guaranteed choice pick for many as one of the best films of 2022.

9/10 ~ Flawless across multiverses


Dion Seis is a final year student studying a Bachelor of Film, majoring in production at SAE Institute in Sydney. He is inspired to make compelling and entertaining films that make people think and spark conversation. In his spare time, Dion enjoys watching horror films and playing video games, and into anything from the late 90s-2000s.

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