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Updated: Feb 16, 2021

One of the worst things a pet owner can imagine is losing their fur child but that’s exactly what happened to a Thai man earlier this month.

After being missing for 3 days the tabby cat, who has gone unnamed, was actually able to find his own way home but he brought a little gift with him, or should I say the opposite of a gift as he came back with a note around his neck with a bill for the mackerel he was fed by a local store owner.

That’s right, the cat came back with debts to pay. Move over RoboDebt, CatDebt is real!

As bittersweet as the reunion was, the owner went to Facebook to share his cat’s bizarre situation. Luckily for the tabby he was flooded with messages of support and an insistence that the owner needed to rectify the fishy fees owed on his cat’s behalf.

The cat is now safely back home, if not a little bigger than when he left and with a new mackerel supplier if he’s feeling peckish in the future.

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Bio: Ed Bennett is an audio producer and writer located out of Sydney. His interests are in pop culture and music. He is a published writer and producer at 2ser. His a contributor for CBMP for news and scripting for the podcast.

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