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2020 is surely the most cursed year. Anything that can happen has happened. For some the end of the world calls for a plane ride with a shaman!

There is a spiritual hangover in the air with bad wind blowing at all angles that’s making it hard to receive the new year with joy and festivities. With nowhere to go, people have been trying to make themselves busy with cooking, taking up hobbies and satisfying the travel itch with booking plane rides that have no travel destination except back to the start! All around the world, there have been numerous flights and the tickets for those sell for whooping prices!

Just in Australia, the cost of one would set you back 2k and then some. But for people with money to spare or perhaps desperation, money means little when the world seems on the brink of collapse. After all, people have been going on a ‘you can’t take money to your grave’ mentality with their purchases (I’m guilty of some of mine!). But Australia isn't the only ones selling flights to nowhere.

In Thailand, the new year festivities are a great event filled with dances and feasts. It is always a time of rejoice and hope. This year however, things will be a little different for the country. With the restrictions and family members stuck in other places, getting together will be harder than usual. This calls for some serious blessing and prayers, so why not juice up the celestial aspect and take the festivals to the skies!

The lucky Flight TG8999 will depart on 1st of January 2021 making rounds to 99 sacred, holy sights. While onboard passengers can expect a delicatessen of traditional northern delicacies and entertainment while chanting with famous astrologer, Kata Chinnabanchorn which is far more rewarding experience than the usual onboard movie selection. The heart-shaped route will end back at Suvnarnabhumi, one of Thailand’s main airports.

How much is this plane ride you ask? A nice sum of $576 AUD.

Not a bad price to sweep 2020 to the curb and bring in a better 2021 prospect. Now all that’s left is to count the seconds till midnight with bated breath.

However sadly...Update Dec. 21: Canceled! Thai Airways on Monday called off the New Year’s flight in light of the new COVID-19 outbreak that has infected more than 800 nationwide.

To support… the stories.. Similar flights are being made in Brunei and in Australia.


Bio: Sidney Boen is an energetic 1st gen Indo-Chinese Aussie with a penchant for food. She’s going into her last year in her Bachelor of Digital and social media with her eyes set on the marketing world. Loving food and travel with a voracious appetite for media and writing, she’s always out for the next interesting read. Currently working as part of the ABC News program team and a contributor to UTS Central News.



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