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Imagine finally being able to go to your favourite idol’s concert- only to not be allowed to cheer, dance or sing along with your idol. We know, it sounds unbearable, but that’s exactly how BTS fans felt.

Since the COVID-19 pandemic, BTS held their first live concert, ‘Permission To Dance On Stage’ in Jamsil Olympic Stadium in South Korea on Thursday (March 10). The concert will go on from March 10-13 and will also be streamed online for international fans.

BTS members were excited to finally reunite with their fans after holding two online concerts in the last two years and an on-ground tour of Los Angeles last December.

A Weverse post by BigHit Music, the group’s agency, stated that due to COVID-19 guidelines, fans were required to wear their masks during the concert. But those weren’t the only rules.

“Please refrain from cheering, shouting, or standing up during the concert. Instead, give a huge round of applause and use your clappers to your heart's content.”

Fans were disappointed about the rules but understood that the changes were necessary under the current circumstances.

Some fans even took to Twitter to bring some humour to the situation.

Even the members couldn’t help but tease their fans about how hard they were waving their clappers!

BTS’ youngest member Jungkook spoke on Instagram of how he honestly felt about the rules for the concert.

BTS Jungkook’s Instagram post (10/03/22)

“The thing is, especially in Korea, I usually get to hear the fans chant and sing with me. I didn’t get to hear that today though. And that made it really difficult for me today, to perform.

“I mean, it was still incredible. It’s not that I wasn’t able to concentrate on the performance or that I wasn’t having fun. I felt confused, like, “Is it going to be okay that I do this or that?”

Jungkook also mentioned that he was curious to see their fans’ faces behind the masks, especially because he wasn’t able to see their facial expressions or hear their voices.

“So I kept worrying, like, “Are they having fun? Are they enjoying the show?” All throughout the show and even after… I was pretty concerned. That’s a part of the reason I’m sharing this video.”

Despite their worries, both BTS members and fans are putting in their utmost effort to create the best concert experience.


Bio: Eunice Cruz is a Filipino-Australian currently in her third year of Journalism and International Studies (China Major) at the University of Technology Sydney. She is always eager to learn more about Asian language and culture, as well as a strong passion for food, beauty and make-up. She has a keen interest in lifestyle and entertainment journalism. Eunice is also an executive of the UTS Journalism Society.


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