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We all know that our world is quickly evolving through technology, but VR (virtual reality) still continues to amaze!

In 2020, Ready Team One from Perth was voted as the leading VR game in the world by Real World XR! They were judged alongside 16 other countries and came on top for their game called ‘First Contact’.

First contact: Name gives it away, is a tactical response virtual reality in fighting aliens. Defend planet Ikeda7 against hordes of aliens and get the facility's power back online! If you squirm at the sight of cockroaches and there are plenty around in Sydney, then close your eyes and aim. The reporter of Today Tonight did a session and we at Captain Bagrat could not stop watching ...she thinks it’s so real, the poor woman is hysterical and screaming throughout the game.

Just shows how real it is!

Started by three incredible over achievers (and probably have Tiger Mums), who know each other with day jobs. Shout out to James Tang! This kid is a tiger cub even though he’s too cool for skool and skates his way around Perth. You’ll find him in a wife beater, on a board with his uber SLR.

Aside from entertainment and special VR sessions with Halloween zombies, Ready Team One also takes a professional approach providing industry application such as VR training in battle for Defence mobility or simulation for the construction industry, healthcare and therapy such as surgical preparation and fitness application.

Word on the street is that Ready Team One is coming over to the East Coast soon! We can't wait to buckle up!


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