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Updated: Feb 18, 2023

If one could experience their first Hollywood Premiere in all its grandeur, then Babylon is the way to go with Australia’s golden girls, Margot Robbie, Phoebe Tonkin, and up and coming Samara Weaving dazzling the red carpet in Sydney.

Australian Premiere at the State Theatre, Sydney. L-R between presenters: Phoebe Tonkins, Sam Weaving, Diego Calva and Margot Robbie.

There was… Fanfare. Glitz. A long 3 hour screening (and an operational glitch oops). And, surprisingly diversity in the movie that is not discussed much and to be commended for its raw portrayal of the ugly side to the industry. Diverse in culture, gender and practically any form you can think of.

La La Land may have moved you emotionally with a serve of vanilla ice cream. But the same Director, Damien Chazelle stretches his imagination and boundaries with Babylon. Babylon could easily be the bad child of La La Land, if not the unpredictable twin, a wild child on cliff’s edge.

Despite critics’ whiplash, Babylon is a dedication to all the cogs, big and small, in a Hollywood production during a time of great innovation and transition from silent films to sound and technicolor amongst all the glory and gore.

Should you see it at the cinemas?

If you work in the industry then definitely.

If not, remember to plan your toilet break(s).

Fans going crazy for Margot Robbie

Phoebe Tonkins dazzling her fans in white


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