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If you have been following our TV Pilot countdown on Captain Bagrat's socials, then we have great news to announce!

The production day was smooth sailing with 20+ crew and we all had a blast on set. We were all so excited to see this day come together.

All our hard work and journey rolled into this big day!

When we first set out on this journey to produce the Captain Bagrat TV Pilot, we had one thing in mind. To better represent Asian Australians and anyone with an interest in Asia or an Asian language in the mainstream media.

We wanted people to celebrate and embrace their collective cultural heritage in Australia and further afield.

What we didn't set out to do was to put in 'Quotas'.

Quotas for balance in female and male representation. Nor, quotas for diversity. It did not even cross our minds as we were so passionate about telling the story and involving as many contributors and creatives who shared the same vision.

It was only upon reflection of this production crew photo did we realise we were making an impact on representation. We naturally attracted people of similar mindsets who ba-lieved in what the pilot intended to do, which was to break stereotypes and help facilitate mutual understanding and acceptance.

We, at Captain Bagrat are proud to announce on production day, we had:

⭐️ 50:50 gender representation

⭐️ 2/3 with Asian heritage based on their surname

⭐️ 100% who identified themselves as Australian with Asian heritage and/or an interest in Asia

What an amazing impact we are making here! #goteam

Photography courtesy of Lauren Montino

Top L-R: Lauren Montino (Production Manager), Lenny Fung (Director), Alysia Kwan, Dion Woo (Guest Host), Benjamin Powell (DOP), Paris Lee, JJ Chen (Founder), Alyssa Montgomery, Albert Choy, Jason Lin, Sarah Jiang, Angela Mao, Rayan Virwani. Bottom L-R: Liam Frappell (Host), Mayu Iwasaki (Host + Creative Producer), Almerick Li.


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