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Updated: Jul 4, 2021

There is no better way to enter 2021 than a bang with the gorgeous cofounder of BubbleTent Australia and actress, Mayu Iwasaki! We grill each other on our top secret project, Asianish upbringing and all things business. Big things are in store for Mayu in 2021 with the Sydney Theatre Company showcasing Asian+Australian stories, and who knows ‘Snorkelling with Mayu’ tv series could be the next big thing on Australian TV!

Asian representation on the silver screen in Australia is growing but we’re not there yet. Don't you agree?

In this episode of the Captain Bagrat podcast, we talk about letting go of your inhibitions in the new year, blind casting, breaking stereotypes and the need for diversity in the TV and film industry!

Speaking of Asian representation check out Mayu’s in Top Knot Detective?

Who is Mayu?

Well she’s a badass Japanese-born actress, who has worked professionally all over the world and has just recently moved back to Sydney!

She identifies as Asiainish and is a woman that wears many hats in the media and entertainment industry.

Mayu also co-founded Bubble tent Australia. So she’s a pretty cool entrepreneur too, what started off as a passion project has now been climbing to new heights! BubbleTent Australia offers a really unique and intimate experience that lets you simply be...

Pssst...Top Secret Project...We’re working hard on a Captain Bagrat TV Pilot!

2020 was an unprecedented year and like many, Captain Bagrat made a pivot from podcast to a tv show in the making!

The Captain Bagrat tv show will celebrate Asian + Australian people. People who are Asian on the outside and somewhat Aussie on the inside, as well as people who are all shades on the outside and somewhat Asian on the inside.

Follow us to find out more in E80!

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