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Updated: Feb 16, 2021

Do you want to feel the tender handhold of a girlfriend without the pesky work of finding a girlfriend?

Well so too did four engineers from Gifu University who created a motorized device to let users "experience holding your girlfriend’s hand.”

As creepy as it sound, like Thing from The Addams Family, right now, Osampo Kanojo ("My Girlfriend in Walk," in English), is a chunky wearable hand with wires running all around it. Despite its inauthentic look, the creators have put a lot of effort to make it feel real.

A cloth inside gives off the smell of a woman’s shampoo. Even the sound of her walking and breathing play through an accompanying app on your smartphone. And for the real experience you can even make it so her hand is clammy.

This is not the first girlfriend experience robot to come out of Japan which has been suffering a progressively ageing population as more and more young people remain single well into adulthood. The creators also say that the effects of covid-19 and social isolation were a key motivator in the creation of Osampo Kanojo.

Photo: Tech Times


Bio: Ed Bennett is an audio producer and writer located out of Sydney. His interests are in pop culture and music. He is a published writer and producer at 2ser. His a contributor for CBMP for news and scripting for the podcast.

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