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Updated: Jul 4, 2021

Q. Can a smart phone with finger print ID work if lets say you didn’t have finger prints on any of your fingers or toes?

Well this is exactly the case with a rare type of genetic mutation where no finger prints are left behind!… Although, we at Captain Bagrat like to term it as genetic variation (genetic mutation or disorder tends to give negative feels as we have seen from X-men… lets try not to piss off Wolverine over terminology).

Only a small handful of the population pass on the genetic variation, adermatoglyphia. Having no finger prints can actually make life in our modern world pretty hard to live by, as experienced by a Bangladeshi family.

For instance, in most countries, you actually need to provide finger prints to obtain a driver's license, national ID card, work ID, sim card, police check or a passport to travel overseas.

The advantages of having no fingerprints means you are in fact blessed with less sweaty hands and feet!

Who knew finger prints can actually increase perspiration?


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