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Australian Survivor 2021 is being filmed in the middle of no where. And that no where is Cloncurry in Queensland.

How is this related to Asianish news?

Well, did you know there is an Asian bakery in this town of less than 3000 people which has tipped its population over 3000 with production crew and contestants.

And, if contestants are lucky enough, they can take a dip in Chinaman’s Dam. As you would expect, it is a popular getaway for locals and tourists alike, and the dam happens to be filled with fresh water and fish varieties.

Yes, fish is essential for survival whether you are a Chinese man or not.

Do you know who or what else is residing in Cloncurry?

The most expensive bull in Australia. Wouldn't be great entertainment to watch a contestant chase this big fella down or the other way around?

All these facts make Australian Survivor 2021 one of the greatest connectors to Asia and what we strive for at Captain Bagrat. That relatable Asian story ... Cloncurry, a remote town with a Chinaman's Dam and a wealthy bull representing 2021's zodiac year.


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