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I was a little hesitant to watch this so called soapie, Bling Empire, on Netflix about a bunch of Asians… and yes, they are also crazy and rich! Living the life in LA and loving the camera oooh way too much for their daily dose of drama.

If you are missing Crazy Rich Asians then I would definitely recommend this high octane and moving Season 1. It’s a mix of Keeping up with the Kardashians with tiny Asian hips that’s not worthy of child bearing (referenced in the show) plus a pouty Red Power Ranger, Andrew Gray.

No show is complete without a fierce tug of war between two Queens, old money from a billionaire military magnet family represented by Anna Shay, who happens to be half Japanese and Russian. She is highly addictive, and childlike, however stoic and firmly grounded with the most integrity out of the lot. And, half a million dollars worth of bongs in her basement.

The other is Christine, not exactly my cup of tea. New money. Social climber but with a sob story of her own.

Of course, there is love, sex, drama and cultural exchange. Unexpectedly, my day went by pretty fast as I consumed as a Bling Potato on my couch to their unique and loveable personalities. And as I googled in between episodes, you’ll be glad to hear Season 2 is in the making!

I am actually genuinely excited to see a Return of the 'Bling' Empire, to find out whether Kim, the gorgeous DJ will do more with her life; if Kevin will become smarter under the influence of Kane… by osmosis if possible; and the inevitable question whether the Red Power Ranger will use his powers to unload more of his emotional baggage on the hopeless, love sick Kelly.

I couldn’t help but also wonder what the Aussie version of Bling Empire would equate to? Maybe Crazy Bogan Asians to truly represent the wholesome and bogan nature of Australians?


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