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Updated: Mar 9, 2021

Australia has a reputation for dangerous creepy crawlies that’ll set any backpacker squirming for home. We should be even more worried now that astronomers have discovered black widows and redbacks in space!

While these cosmic objects don't kill and eat their mates, the stars share their eight-legged counterparts' violent behavior toward companions.

Yes, that’s right - as their names suggest, spider stars behave violently and sucks the life out of anything it comes in contact with!

Spider stars are types of neutron stars, whirling at the speed of 30 millisecond per cycle and flashing like a beacon. These neutron stars are tiny in nature comparative to other gas balls such as our Sun. In fact, spider stars are exploded stars that are compressed under high atmospheric pressure and can whirl at pulsar speed by sucking the material of their nearby star fallen victims.

Fortunately, spider stars are rather rare. Researchers have only identified five in our Milky Way. Three happen to be black widows and one redback. They were unable to classify the fifth. The best way to describe the fifth spider star is a cross-breed of the black widow and redback.

But, and a big but at it. If Earth happens to cross the orbit path of one, we’d be pulled to bits in no time!

I don’t think even Spider Man could save us!


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