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Feast your eyes on the Australian Lamb Ad for 2021!

In theme with Rona’s driven state division across Australia, that’s got New South Wall roaring louder than State of Origin - all for the Sunshine State’s scrumptious lamb chops!

Full of tongue in cheek one liners, and the usual dig at Tasmania and WA, there’s plenty of scenes that’ll give you a laugh.

Our personal favourite was the ending scene where ScoMo (our Prime Minister, Scott Morrison) upon touchdown at the airport in his Hawaiian garb asking ‘What have I missed?’, nodding to his absence when Australia went through a crisis while he decided to have a holiday in Hawaii. Aloha!

Putting ScoMo aside, if you were highly entertained by this year’s Lamb Australia’s ad or just a meatlover, check out our favourite clips… 2016 ‘Operation Boomerang – No Australian should lamb Alone’ and 2017’s Everyone’s Welcome because we are all Boat People.

Rather tasteful and almost culturally appropriate.

2016 ‘Operation Boomerang – No Australian should Lamb Alone’

P.S Lee Lin Chin is the best!

2017 'Everyone’s Welcome because we are all Boat People'

P.S. Can't believe the Chinese found Canberra Fyshwick before landing!


Co-contributer: Eunice Cruz is a Filipino-Australian currently in her second year of Journalism and International Studies (China Major) at the University of Technology Sydney. She is always eager to learn more about other Asian cultures and is particularly interested in Korean language and culture. She has a strong passion for food, beauty and make-up. She also has a keen interest in investigative journalism and is events director of UTS Journalism Society.


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