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Updated: Mar 9, 2021


Comedian and TV host

The scale of Notoriety (how well-known they are) | Scale of Influence (how much they’ve impacted the world) as a Secret Asian...Asianish:


If you haven’t read The Happiest Refugee or heard of Anh Do, are you really Australian or Asian?

There’s hardly anyone who doesn’t know Anh Do’s backstory but here’s a TL;DR:

  • Little Anh Do arrived in Australia with his Vietnamese Refugee family at the age of two.

  • His family fled to Australia in 1980, along with 40 other vietnamese refugees on a boat 2 meter wide and half a meter long.

  • During the trip, his family survived two pirate ship attacks which caused both boat engines to be taken.

  • They were eventually rescued by a German Merchant Ship but not after suffering one casualty.

Target Status:

  • Working on turning The Happiest Refugee into a live show in Sydney, but live show coming to Orange Civic Theatre.

Genetic Make-up:

  • Anh Do himself is of 300% Vietnamese descent.

  • His wife Suzanne (Suzie) Do met Anh in University (UTS) when they were both studying law.

  • Burst into the world on 2 June 1977.


  • Comedian: Anh Do was offered job at a law firm - slaving 60 hours a week.

  • Author: His first book The Happiest Refugee won five major awards and was short-listed for another three.

  • Artist: He’s a winner of three Archibald Prizes now

  • Actor: Anh’s career started as early as high school, where his roots in acting was sown when we was inspired by his drama teacher to act.

  • The Real Tiger Cub: Not only is he super appreciative of Australia and shows this by displaying his wide flair of talents, his biggest personal achievement was ‘Buying his mum a house’.

Weaknesses: (We honestly don’t know if this man has any)

  • That House he bought: His mother rejected the house at first and refused to live in such a grandiose place and told Anh to live in it.

  • Thrift Shops: If you are an avid reader of The Happiest Refugee, you would know that thrifts stores were the family’s financial savers.

  • Not the most linguistic joker: His mum had to learn English in order to understand his jokes.

Special Talents: The Bagrat Team wonders if there’s anything he can’t do?

  • The real businessman: He didn’t just do business and law for show. He made a killing with his ex-girlfriend selling crystals and other items to appeal to a ‘Hippie’ market back in university

  • Keen eye: He nominated his brother Khoa Do for an Australian of the Year award after acknowledging the amazing person his brother his. And in-fact everyone agreed because Khoa went on to win the whole thing.


Nadya Labiba is an Indonesian-Australian currently in her fourth year of Journalism and Languages and Cultures at University of Technology Sydney. Aside from interning at Captain Bagrat, Nadya is an avid community volunteer and a published contributor at Central News.

Instagram @nadrlabiba

Bevin Liu is an ABC (Australian-born Chinese) in every sense of the word. Thinking that her life was set on a law degree, she is now going into the third year of her undergraduate degree in Journalism and International Studies (Majoring in China). On top of occasionally dropping into Captain Bagrats, she is working as a journalist for a regional newspaper, as the planning editor for Central News and trying to balance it with her new responsibilities as a member of UTS’s Academic Board. She would dabble in her love for animals and strange things through the university’s Cat Society and StartUp Link in her spare time.


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