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Interning at CBMP is a flexible experience where you are given creative freedom to express what you want in your projects in showcasing what you are passionate about and enjoy doing most. However, with creative freedom does come responsibility in communicating with your team, and setting goals and deadlines for yourself. Unlike being at university where you are given rigid tasks that you must follow, at the CBMP internship you are given the responsibility to manage your own time - in which success in this ultimately earns you your place. An internship introduces you to what working in the industry is like and teaches you the importance of how you contribute and interact within the workplace.

Ultimately, CBMP is a stepping stone for job referral and connections, and all that you bring to the table, your work and attitude will determine your suitability for jobs through the CBMP networks in the media, marketing, business and tech industry. Some previous interns have now springboarded into full time roles at SkyNews, The Guardian, Newscorp, ABC, Westpac, Coloursock, Poem Group, community radio stations, contractors for CBMP and more.

Our cohort believes the biggest differences between University and the Internship are…


  • The personal onus of organising and scheduling collaborative work with other colleagues/interns.

  • The free flow nature of it all which is very comforting.

  • You can have plenty of time to organise all the ideas in your head and how you could communicate them best with the team members.

  • An internship is much more self paced and learning as you go than university - time to really understand yourself, how you work, and what are your likes and dislikes.

  • You have much more freedom whilst interning as well as networking opportunities.

  • The internship provides freedom to bring your own out of the box ideas to the table, rather than sticking to a rubric.

  • Offers practical experiences compared to university.

  • Like minded people to work with who are serious about wanting to join the industry.

  • Working in such a collaborative and diverse team is a refreshing experience.

  • We are given creative freedom to express what we want to write about depending on what we are interested in.

  • The Captain Bagrat Creative Program is not only journalistic practice in a fast-paced work environment but also an opportunity to understand the inner workings of the newsroom.

  • Gives you the opportunity to experience the industry in person, also is a training of your own ability.

  • You get to actually apply your studies and learn how to do things hands-on.

  • In internships things are meant to be done on time as if we lag behind a lot of things are in halt for that.

  • Everyone is happy to be here, passionate about the project they are looking after, working arrangement and environment are much more flexible.


  • You get people who don't want to be there - not as like-minded

  • Provided journalistic training that requires the timely completion and submission of assessments, it does not reflect the realities of the fast-paced newsroom environment

  • In uni, you pay more attention to theoretical learning and understanding,

  • University is more about learning the content

  • In uni we can ask for extra time or maybe keep things for last minute.

Key takeaways: a lot more rigid than the CBMP program :/

Some helpful tips from our cohort to you :)

  • Make sure you are in constant communication.

  • Don’t be afraid to express your ideas as it could be the final missing piece of the puzzle to get someone out of a block.

  • Always be prepared, bring 110% to meetings!

  • Sketch out plans for each of your tasks and prepare everything beforehand.

  • Find fun through your projects as it is a good way to balance between uni and interns.

  • Be transparent to your employer or coworkers when you have troubles with your projects because someone will definitely be able to help.


Christopher McMaster is a final year Chinese Australian student studying Biotechnology and Marketing at the University of Technology Sydney. He enjoys exploring his own Chinese heritage as well as other Asian cultures that have influenced the multicultural experiences of Sydney.

Zyri Dela Cruz is a Filipino-Australian currently in her final year of studying Biotechnology and Marketing at the University of Technology Sydney. With bilingual skills of speaking Tagalog and English, she has a great appreciation of her own Filipino culture and is continuing to navigate and celebrate this through her experiences in Australia. Beyond her studies and work, she enjoys traveling and broadening her musical skills.


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