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Updated: Mar 9, 2021

As we know, tourism has been hit pretty hard globally during the Coronavirus Pandemic. While some countries are trying their best to resurrect their tourism and economy with monetary incentives, Thailand on the other hand is wheeling and dealing weed for their tourism campaign!

You heard right, the Thai Public Health Minister announced that they are developing recipes and methods to produce food, cosmetics, spa and travel products with marijuana to attract international tourists and in bound domestic travellers.

This is too good to be true! The Thai Public Health Ministry has been busy drafting up training curriculum to promote traditional medicine with modern research to ensure safety measures are in place to serve the community and providers.

Community enterprises have been showcasing some delectable meal choices such spicy herbal soup, basil stir fried meat dishes, cookies, sorbets and beverages…

Well this sounds like an open market for brownies right?

Could Thailand, nay Bangkok, be the Asian Amsterdam where tourists and locals alike could stroll into any café and order marijuana inspired pad thai, coconut and mango rice, and my ultimate weakness, banana Nutella pancakes! Imagine sprinkled with ganja!

Once the international borders ban is lifted, better head straight to Thailand for your dose of legal weed.


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