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Asia is an extremely diverse region of the world with so many countries under its belt. However in this article, we won’t be talking about the different types of Asian ethnicities. Instead, we’re going to play on some observations of the hybrid Aussie-Asians.

We don't want to stereotype but lately, we have noticed 10 distinct types of Australian-Asians around town.

#1. The LG/LB

Standing for ‘little girl’/’little boy’, LGs and LBs are Australia’s version of the ABG/ABB (‘Asian Baby Girl’/’Asian Baby Boy’). This particular breed of young Asian-Australian can be found sipping Long Island Ice Teas at Sydney’s Sanctuary Hotel, ‘chuckin a muzz’ at a rave or donning the infamous Tommy Hilfiger yacht jacket.

#2. The Rich International Student

Although not necessarily an AUSSIE-Asian, rich international students are still very much a part of Australia’s Asian community. They can usually be identified by their head-to-toe designer outfits likely worth more than my entire being.

#3. The Australian-born Asian 'Bogan Asian'

The Australian-born Asian is usually confused. They don’t feel fully Australian, but may also not be fully accepted by their Asian counterpart. They may be more ‘white-washed’ by Australian culture, connect more with their Asian side or maybe have a good balance of both. Sometimes, they are invariably mistaken as a Bogan Asian with an ocker accent much thicker than their Caucasian mates and can handle a BBQ better than a wok.

#4. The A-sian

Not to be confused with the B-sian, the A-sian is the perfect child. They’ve achieved straight As all throughout their schooling career and are likely in/looking towards working in the fields of medicine, law or engineering.

#5. The Arty Asian

Unlike the A-sian, the arty Asian rebelled against their parents’ wishes and pursued an arts degree. They can likely be seen in Sydney’s Newtown wearing questionable fashion choices that surprisingly work really well on them.

#6. The F-Asian

The failed Asian. Every Tiger Mum's worst nightmare. End of conversation.

#7. The K-pop Fan

From the keyrings on their bag to their poster covered bedroom walls, the K-pop fan is not shy about showing their love for their favourite idols. You can probably find them outside Sydney’s ICC practising K-pop cover dances or at a cup sleeve event celebrating their idols’ birthdays.

#8. The Anime Fan

Similarly to The K-pop Fan, anime fans aren’t scared to flaunt their passions. You may identify them from their cosplays or hear them first putting random Japanese into their sentences. Gomenasorry.

#9. The Gamer

You can catch The Gamer at the local internet cafe playing League of Legends for 8 hours straight. You’ll also find them online on Twitch streaming their gameplay with those infamous pink cat ear headphones on.

#10. The Yappie

Popularised by Wong Fu Productions, the Yappie lives a comfortable life. These Young Asian Professionals have spent their lives staying on the ‘right’ path and likely have a stable 9-5 job. There’s nothing wrong with this, but sometimes they might question whether something is missing from their life.

Now that we’ve shown you 10 different types of Aussie-Asians. Do you know which one you are?


Bio: Catherine Li is a proud Chinese-Australian currently studying a Journalism and International Studies at the University of Technology Sydney. Being of hybrid Asian background, she has strong interests in Asian culture which she hopes to use to bridge the distance between Asia and Australia.


Instagram @catherine.jyl


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