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Spies, Lies and Conspiracy Theories…Father of Conspiracy theory, Karl Popper, brought out the best in conspiracies from our guest Mr Bai, Jimmy Bai, Asian Bond 008.

We bust some conspiracies (or tell the truth) about:

Did 5G cause COVID19?

These conspiracy theories argue, for example, that the spread of the virus from the epicentre of the pandemic in Wuhan, China, is linked to the large number of 5G towers in the city.

Many were already suspicious of 5G’s potential health effects. They falsely claim that the waves emitted by the 5G infrastructure would weaken our immune system.

Busted...not true!

Do Aliens Exist?

Former Defense Minister for Canada, Paul Hellyer, dubbed as the highest ranking alien believer, confirms Aliens live among us!

“Aliens live among us, but hate our warring and polluting ways, some of which hold powerful positions in powerful governments.”


Is Princess Diana alive?

Is it true that Princess Diana is alive? And free from paparazzi and actually living an ordinary life? Could she be living happily after with Dodi Al Fayed on a small tropical island near the Middle East?

Guess you’ll never find out…

Definitely, 100% Busted Conspiracies

CIA did conduct brainwashing experiments on people using LSD.

Big Tobacco companies knew cigarettes caused cancer.

Canadian Government developed ‘Gay-dar’ in the 60s due to homophobia.

They are all TRUE… but only after governments and corporations approved for declassification of documents.

Let us know what y'all think!!

More conspiracy truths on Captain Bagrat’s episode 77!

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