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Updated: Apr 28, 2021

Times Have Changed... What DO the New Generation of Asian Girls Really Want?

There are a lot of misconceptions about Asian women that come to Australia and what they want. A lot of people’s mentality is that they think Asian women only want money and will do anything to get permanent residency aka PR.

Well, times have changed. Asian women know what they want- not all of them just want a hookup. They want a genuine relationship with a respectful, humorous (and maybe tall) man they can fall in love with.

In Episode 81 of the Captain Bagrat Podcast, Miss World Contestant, Tram Nguyen, joins us on the podcast and shows off her amazing singing talents as she sings Carpenters’ ‘Close To You’.

Tram also talks about her Vietnamese heritage and overcoming stereotypical Asian beauty standards, because we are all beautiful in our unique way.

Tram and Madam Chan also touched on Dating Apps, Yellow Fever and introducing... Vanilla Fever.

Here's a rehash of Episode 81 available on Spotify, Applepodcasts and Googlepodcast:

Dating Apps with a Purpose

Dating apps are more than just a booty call at night! From friendships to a business partner, dating apps can have a higher purpose than just dating!

For Tram, through dating apps, she was able to find her best friend!

‘Yellow Fever’ + ‘White Fever’ = LOVE!

We have all heard of ‘Yellow Fever’ and it is intrinsically tied to a white man who would only date Asian women. It’s almost a creepy branding to say the least....

But, is it ok to label Asian women who have ‘White Fever’? I mean it’s not a one way street right? It goes both ways.

For the sake of love and making the world a better place, we should all embrace those who fall in love under the label ‘Yellow Fever’ + ‘White Fever’ = LOVE!

CBMP is completely dedicated to breaking stereotypes, just check out all the Secret Asian...Asianish's section of our website!

Is there such a thing as White Fever?

Academics say ‘White Fever’ may be because of reasons like “hypergamy” in which women seek after someone with higher status, but this is super outdated (mind you, this was premiered in 2013)! Everyone knows that it’s all about preference now, not bank.

If caucasian men still believe the stereotype that Asian women are inferior, they should take off their rose-coloured glasses! We are all here for strong, independent women, as it should be!

Some say caucasian men have better personalities, better looks and more confidence as if Asian men don’t have that as well. Tell that to the Kpop boy bands taking over the world!

If you agree then you should definitely have a listen to what the New Gen of Asian Girls + Women want in our Episode 81 -- Dating Asian Girls:

🔊Available on all major platforms ⚡️Google Podcasts⚡️ Anchor FM ⚡️Overcast ⚡️ Himalaya


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