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MOS’ burger line seems to be a recipe conjured out of Heston Blumenthal’s own insane imagination. But the self touted ‘gourmet’ burger chain was well known as a disruptor of the food scene in Sydney back in 2018.

Forget the plain bready buns of the American styled burgers and take a foray into the slightly crunchy and denser rice buns of MOS burgers.

In my write-up about Chiko Rolls, we saw the Aussie snack becoming popular in Japan but it wasn’t just a one way relationship, we definitely took to the Japanese cuisine as well. Many popular dishes like the ramen and sushi rolls have become integrated into our take-out or lunch rotation and yet another has been added.

Dreamt up in the land of the rising sun, the burger has made its name known for rising up in another sunburnt country.

Marketed as the more healthy option to fast food burgers, Satoshi Sakurada combined his love for the hamburger to suit a japanese palette and within 10 years since its creation in 1972, the chain swept across eastern asia. In fact, Mr Sakurada could definitely be credited to being the forefather of bringing the hamburger trend to Japan.

The MOS burgers finally made their way down under in 2011. The first shop opened up in Melbourne, kicking off the food chain.

The selection of Japanese-sque burgers like the teriyaki chicken gives consumers a lighter and fresher take than the deliciously meaty but albeit, heavy American option. Perhaps, the real success of the MOS burger really can be given to the ways we interact with food.

Clearly we’ve moved on from deep fried Chiko Rolls into more cleaner eating or if that wasn’t clear enough, the rising number of gyms spreading out all over the country is a sure sign that we’re working towards a sculpted bod.

Random fact time… what does MOS stand for?

Literally mountain, ocean and sun which held Mr Sakurad’s founding principles for the organisation; “standing tall and firm like a Mountain, having a heart that is broad and deep as the Ocean, and having passion like the Sun that never burns out.” Who knew Burgers could hold such poetic values?

Although the MOS Burger trend has quieted somewhat here, some shops still remain open. I do recommend you all try some of the dishes they offer and obviously, you gotta try the iconic Rice Burger and in 2020, they’ve jumped on the vegan bandwagon so don’t fret, vegans you have options.

Take a pitstop at your closest MOS Burger shop, if not for the taste then curiosity!


Bio: Sidney Boen is an energetic 1st gen Indo-Chinese Aussie with a penchant for food. She’s going into her last year in her Bachelor of Digital and social media with her eyes set on the marketing world. Loving food and travel with a voracious appetite for media and writing, she’s always out for the next interesting read. Currently working as part of the ABC News program team and a contributor to UTS Central News.




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