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Fried ice-cream is a popular dish in both Chinese and Japanese cuisine but its origins remain contested.

The thin, crispy, coating dusted with sugar and the coldness of the first bite contrasting the warmth of the outer shell makes it a confusingly perfect mix of polar opposites. And just as confusing, is where exactly did it originate from?

Of course some could argue that the original ice-cream was a European invention, created in the beautiful rolling hills of Italy but there’s still that old adage - agree to disagree kind of thing - on the origins of noodles. Is it Italian? Is it Chinese?

Similar disputes have been pinned on this dessert but no one can truly pinpoint where it originates from.

Many cultures have their own variation. The Mexicans call it nieve frita which roughly translates to ‘fried snow’ but it’s also an old Chinese dish dating back to the 1800s and yet….

Philadelphians have also taken credit for its creation known for their fair food like the deep fried mars bar and sticks of butter, the fried ice-cream isn’t an all too surprising menu choice in their extensive list of deep fried goodies.

Well, all this talk of crispy batter and creamy goodness has certainly prompted me to Youtube... yum. Could someone make me a deep fried ice cream asap?


Bio: Sidney Boen is an energetic 1st gen Indo-Chinese Aussie with a penchant for food. She’s going into her last year in her Bachelor of Digital and social media with her eyes set on the marketing world. Loving food and travel with a voracious appetite for media and writing, she’s always out for the next interesting read. Currently working as part of the ABC News program team and a contributor to UTS Central News.




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