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Updated: Jul 4, 2021

What is this Captain Bagrat TV Show all about?

Think. Neon. Australia. Asia.

Bringing it to you mainstream on all the connective Asian + Australian tissues and issues that bring us together.

We have our 'Finger on the Asian + Australian Pulse'

From humble beginnings as a fun, passion podcast addressing Australian and Asian lifestyle, pop culture and discrimination in a *subtle* way, we have certainly grown in size and support since launching in Nov 2019!

2021 has seen Captain Bagrat pivot to a TV show that’s gonna be uber futuristic (and yes behind the scene content will be revealed!) as well as an army of University of Technology Sydney (UTS) media and journalist interns.

A massive thank you to 20+ enthusiastic students who have come on board for research, rough cuts, scripting, filming and editing. It’s always great to host the UTS cohort to give them real life industry exposure and experience.

The Woman Behind The Other Woman

An idea can only go so far.

A mentor or as I like to term it, femtor, can take you higher. Especially so, if you are not from the media industry and want to create change for the better. Who better to push for this advancement? None other than my femtor, Helen Vatsikopoulos, who has been an absolute legend in supporting the Captain Bagrat concept!

Helen and I met almost three years ago. We hit it off straight away and talked about representation in Australian media, and how it can be done in a non-threatening and comedic way, but not too silly. She is the silly police to ensure we have a purpose driven concept with factual content.

In a career spanning 30 years, Helen has worked on programs such as the ABC News, the Midday Report, the 7.30 report, Dateline, Lateline and Foreign Correspondent. In that time she has specialized in International Reporting and has covered history-changing events like the fall of the Berlin Wall, the collapse of Communism, the Rwandan Genocide, the HIV-Aids crisis in West Papua, the Sri Lankan Civil War, the assassination of Rajiv Gandhi, and the Bali Bombings- among many others. Her reporting on the collapse of the USSR won her a coveted Walkley award.

Helen has presented many studio-based television programs including Face the Press, News Extra, Talking Heads and Dateline for SBS; The 7.00 pm News and the Midday Report for ABC1 and Asia-Pacific Focus for the Australia Network. She has also made three documentaries: New World Borders and the award-winning documentaries Agatha's Curse and Getting Gehry.

The Captain Bagrat project is in good hands.

If it weren’t for Helen, I don’t think I’d be on this path. Three years on, Helen is still the femtor and driving force. And, I am still hungry to learn more from Helen by compacting 30 years of her experiences in less than three! Now that's a huge learning curve.

Fingers crossed what we have been preparing for nearly 12 months is going to blast Australian media away with Asian + Australian representation!

Thank you Helen and everyone for ba-lieving in the Captain Bagrat concept. We can’t wait to share more of our TV Pilot journey with you all!


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