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Just picture, Train to Busan, with an American twist.

Whether you think it’s for the better (or worse!), if you’re a zombie apocalypse fan, be sure to keep your eyes out for this movie!

Word has it that James Wan is on the production crew. Well, he might serve some justice given his specialisation in horror.

Mr Wan’s Saw series which all started in Australia by the way, more specifically, underground in Melbourne, is still one of the highest grossing horror series of all time. Aussie pride there so fingers crossed this US remake doesn’t disappoint.

Lets just hope this US remake will top these major US failures with a capital F:

  • The recent action packed Disney Mulan. OMG not having Mushu the talking dragon pretty much shot Mulan in the foot.

  • The Ring. The Japanese version was by far the scariest thing a teenager could watch on a cold winter's night. US version was so far off.

  • The Departed based on Hong Kong’s Internal Affairs with Andy Lau was a total flop even where casting should have been credited. No Hollywood actor can out perform Andy Lau. Should have stopped there.



Eunice Cruz is a Filipino-Australian currently in her second year of Journalism and International Studies (China Major) at the University of Technology Sydney. She is always eager to learn more about other Asian cultures and is particularly interested in Korean language and culture. She has a strong passion for food, beauty and make-up. She also has a keen interest in investigative journalism and is events director of UTS Journalism Society.


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